Problem with Rhino, it encountered a problem and need to close

I installed Rhino 6 (that one tha is for 90 days), and when I try to open it, a menu says “Rhino encountered a problem and needs to close”, I can open in the safemode but there are many options that are not available due to it’s not the normal mode (I guess), and I don’t know hot to solve this.

I’m not a native english speaker so, sorry If i make some mistakes tryng to write my problem

Hi - please start Rhino in safe mode and then run the SystemInfo command. Copy-paste the result here.

Hi Wim, I’m sorry, I tried to do it, and this appeared

Umm well the first thing to try is to make sure that your video card drivers and Windows itself are up-to-date.

Run Windows’ Device Manager, expand the Display Adapters sections, right-mouse click on the adapter, click Properties, and click on the Drivers tab.
If your drivers are more than a month or two old, I’d update them.

Go to the graphics card maker’s Web sites and find updated drivers for your version of Windows and your specific models of display adapters.
DO NOT rely on the automatic checking tools as they have a near perfect failure rate.

If you have two display adapters, update the drivers for both of them.
Download and install the updated drivers.


If your computer tells you the new driver isn’t validated for you computer, here’s how to fix that:



Apple Boot Camp

Any luck?

Hi! Yess,results that computer seems to use hybrid video card technology, I know you said that don’t rely on the automatic checking tools, but before reading that I have already used that from Intel and when I discovered that it was like an hybrid I make the same thing with AMD (use it’s software to check updates), it told me that there was an update, I installed it and then restart the desktop and now it’s running the program without the safemode! I had this problem one week and now is fixed. Thank you very much! And one more time excuse me for my english haha.

No need. It is certainly good enough to get your problem solved.