Rhino Error reporting upon startup


I’ve been using Rhino 6 for a few weeks with no issues. recently after a windows 10 update I’ve been getting an error message upon opening rhino.The error reads “Rhino encountered a problem and needs to close. Please send this confidential error report now”.

Does anybody know how this can be resolved?


Send the report!

Does Rhino start in Safemode?
Use the Windows 10 Search tool to look for “Rhino 6 in safe mode”
This blocks OpenGL and plug-ins; either of which can cause a startup crash.

yes. it seems to open fine in safe mode.

That’s a general indication of possible bad display drivers or a bad plug-in.
Based on recent Windows updates, my best guess is display drivers.

Run the Windows Device Manager
Expand the Display Adapters section
Right click on the graphics card > Properties > Driver tab
Take a screenshot
You may have two Display Adapters. Do the same steps for that one too.
Return the screenshot(s) in a reply.

We’ll go from there.

here is the screenshot

That’s a very old AMD driver and is most likely the cause of the problem.

Here’s a link to the AMD page for drivers for that card.
Download and install the update.

Any luck?

Thank you so much John! that seemed to work perfectly! :slight_smile:



I am concerned that the Intel HD 620 is also old.

Hmm I’ll look into updating that one as well then.

Here’s a link to the current drivers:

If your computer complains about that new driver not being validated for your computer, here’s how to fix that too: