Problem opening Rhino 5

Hello, I am having problems opening Rhino 5. A small black window pops up in the bottom right corner and then fails to open.
Can anyone help me fix this? I have tried reinstalling but this didn’t fix the problem.

Hi - Does Rhino start correctly in safe mode?
Also, it looks like Rhino is busy meshing a scene. Does Rhino start normally when you launch it without opening a specific file?

Thanks for getting back to me.

Ill try it in safe mode.
Yes to make it work I need to open a blank document then open a file that im working on. However this doesn’t always work.

Safe mode is not a “fix”.
It’s a troubleshooting tool that blocks loading OpenGL graphics and third-party plug-ins; either of which could cause these issues.
It gives us a direction to go in trying to fix the problem.

Based on the black areas on the screen, my initial guess related to OpenGL graphics.

What graphics cards are on your computer and what are the dates of the drivers?
You can use the Windows Device Manager to look at the Properties of your Display adapters. There could be 1 or 2.

Hi John,

Rhino does open in safe mode. But I can only view it in wireframe. I upose this is because the open GL is not loaded?
here are the details on my graphics cards

As you suspected rhino seems to open if I am not loading a file. Once I have a blank document open I can then open one of my files.

The tool that’s telling you the Intel and nVIdia drivers are current is lying to you.
You have to go to the chip maker’s site and look up the cards manually to get accurate information.

Here’s the current one from May of this year for your Intel 4000

Here’s on from July fror you Quadro

I’ve assumed you’re running Windows 10

This also tells me your computer is very old. Please consider updating your computer in the near future if you are going to use Rhino V6. Because of the old Intel 4000, you can anticipate problems with V6. It was released in 2012 when Rhino V5 came out.
It should be okay for V5 with current drivers.

Any luck with these updates?

If the current Intel graphics driver is a brand specific “customized” driver then the simple update procedure may not work. For a procedure which works see Updating Intel HD Driver