Missing parts in Shapediver

Hi everyone,

i have a problem with the Shapediver viewer. i use the gITF Display + material to give single meshes a color.
It worked fine in Rhino + Grashopper but not in Shapediver. Everytimes some meshes are missed. i try differnt ways but can not solve that problem. can someone please help?

You could check if you left the preview on for some components other than the Display components in your definition. Also check if you have internalized all your geometry.

I can help investigate the issue if you can create a minimal Grasshopper definition that you can share with me for debugging.

Thanks for your quick answer. Preview of all components is switched off.
please finde attached complete Grasshopper file
RKP_Module_Cube_SK.gh (48.0 KB)

if i download the model as 3dm all parts are visible. so it musst be bug around the viewer. Any Idea to solve?

My apologies, I could not look at this issue yet. I noticed that you are using a JSON file and a 3dm file as input, which I would need to test the definition.

i found the mistake. i set the input for the material as double-sided. now it works.

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