Gradient Not Displaying

I am using curve length to colorize with a gradient in grasshopper; it works perfectly in grasshopper but only one color will display in ShapeDiver. Here is a simplified version of the problem: (9.6 KB)

I recommend to use ShapeDiverDisplayGeometry component as it allows more advanced control over the rendering parameters and supports textures. In order to apply different materials you need to have a tree of geometry, a list can only have a single material. I updated your definition, have a look. (36.9 KB)

It’s also worth exploring the documentation page where you can find example files to play with. Our blog is good source of tips for efficient Grasshopper and ShapeDiver modelling too.

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Thank you for your response! Before seeing your response I figured out that applying a material to a list was the problem and came up with a more time intensive solution of separating each item out and applying the gradient. Not the best solution but it worked!