Problem with printing VERY large jpg from Rhinos print to file dialog


I am drawing a lot of architectural ground plans with the help of Rhino 5 & VisualArq.
So far that works nice, To streamline the workflow I work on 24 drawings in one Rhino file.

As input for my image editing software (Affinity Photo) I used to print a big 2D jpg file from within Rhino.
Sometimes these files are huge to get the 1:75@300dpi.
On a particular big file (60000pixel x15000pixel) I cannot Rhino to print the jpg. Smaller ones (60000pixel x10000 pixel) were not a problem.

My machine can handle the files. I have 72GB RAM memory.

So my question is, is there a limit in size of jpg which Rhino can print to file? How can I overcome this without changing the workflow?