Pdf printing issue

I’m having problems printing a portion of a Rhino 5 file to PDF. I’m getting a “Could not start print job” error message.

I’m using Adobe Acrobat DC, and have created custom paper sizes. The print is quite large - 48" x 96" - and this seems to be the source of the problem. I’ve tried increasing the paper width incrementally, and the problem comes up once it exceeds about 31". Is there a Rhino width limitation on pdf files, or perhaps a setting that needs to be changed?


Hi Roger - I don’t think Rhino has any restrictions - I guess a test would be to get hold of one of the many freebie pdf drivers out there and try printing to one of them - I’m not sure which allow custom paper sizing - I have CutePDF, which does.

Seems to work with 32 in. wide ‘paper’.