Doesn't print to BMP



I try to print to a file.
Dimensions: 5760 x 2880 mm at 200DPI.

But the file doesn’t get saved!
No warning, no error message, and no file.

I know the file would be VERY big.
But as we are on 64bit it shouldn’t be impossible.

Printing works when I uses 100DPI, but that is too less.

What can I do?


Yes, according to my calculations (correct me if I’m wrong) that would make a file a bit over 3 tera giga bytes in size… Is your disc big enough? Is Windows capable? Sorry, confusion Giga/Tera - stupid…

5760 mm @ 200 dpi (~7.87 pixels per mm) = 45,330 pixels
2880 mm @ 200 dpi (~7.87 pixels per mm) = 22,665 pixels

45,330 * 22,665 * 3 bytes per pixel (24 bit color) = 3 082 213 350 bytes

Did I get that right? :astonished: Seems impossible even at 100 dpi, that would still be a file of 750 megs…


Hi Mitch,

yes, you are right.
See also attached Excel sheet.

It was not my idea to print that large.
Some customers do strange things.

But at least an error message should come up.


I would try using a LZW compressed TIFF instead of a BMP…

OK, Rhino won’t do compressed Tiffs either, and you’re right, it just silently fails at 200 dpi, works at 100 dpi, also with TIFF. That looks like it needs to be reviewed…

Thanks for the report Charles, I’ve filed this as RH-20279. This is not visible publicly at the moment. I’m not sure why it fails and development will need to comment. I’ve given them this thread in the report as well.

I agree there should be a message if insufficient memory is available. If you tried to render at this resolution you do get an explanation of why it fails in the command line. I tested with Rhino Render and 12gb of RAM.

customers are our god

by the way, do you know if it’s possible to make a screenshot with several views together? Imagine if I have a list of images to export, each image contains 3D view and 2D view.

Hello - In plain Rhino you can capture the view in a layout with multiple details and display modes. Otherwise you’ll need a screen capture utility.


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