Problem with output color

Version: 7.13.21348.13001, 2021-12-14

The file attached has only one object: a trimmed surface.
The surface is located in Layer 01 which is red.

Display color is “By Layer”
Print color is “By Layer”

In the viewport, I see the red surface with red contour as expected.


On the Print Setup page the surface is no color (white).
I only see the red contour.
(If I change Print Color, the contour changes accordingly)

This is the case no matter which output device I select (even Rhino PDF).

The only exception is Image file, which show (and print) the red surface correctly.

What do I miss?

Best regards,
Niels Foldager

Dump.3dm (142.3 KB)

i think you have to change “Output Type” to “raster-output” in the pdf to get the desired shaded appearance of the triangle.
for 2d stuff - i think hatches are exported as filled vector-graphics…

not tested - let this forum know if this is already enough help.

kind regards -tom

That is the solution to my problem. Thank you very much.

If I change Print color to, say, blue, the print has a red surface with blue contour.
Is that how it is supposed to be?

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