BUG: Transparent hatch printing

When I print a hatch with transparency, I get a strange output that looks like mesh facet edges.

This is only the case if the hatch is non-rectilinear (i.e. trimmed to a curve) and when the printer output is set to vector.

I had a similar issue with Rhino 6 when printing trimmed pictures, that was later fixed. Not sure if there are any connections between the two.

PDF output, rhino file and system info attached.
RhinoHatchPrint.3dm (2.5 MB) SystemInfo.txt (5.8 KB) Untitled.pdf (9.3 KB)

Thanks, I see that here as well.
RH-62332 Print: Transparent solid hatches show mesh wires


Thank you for looking into this.

Hi, I have had the same problem too. I can faintly see it even with non-transparent solid hatches.
Would love this to be fixed b/c transparent hatches were one of the reasons i upgraded to Rhino7.