Problem with open curves when creating waffle

I’m aiming to create a waffle like structure. I’m setting plane via some geometry in Rhino, a separate brep is the input. I’m varying material thickness and number of planes as input parameters. When I previously used the world XYZ these issues didn’t happen.

Further down the workflow I’m inconsistently getting some planar curves, not closed planar curves, like the rest of the data. This is inconsistent and I can’t solve it. This impacts the slot to be cut.Together For-never [Waffle Structure 20 PROBLEM].gh (34.8 KB)

Earlier in the workflow there is also a problem with the offsetting of a set of contours, this can be worked around via changing the input parameters and number of ‘planes’.

Many thanks


240502_Hand Waffle [PROBLEM].3dm (15.0 MB)
Together For-never [Waffle Structure 20 PROBLEM].gh (34.8 KB)

Together (40.0 KB)