Waffle issues

Hi all!

I am having a few issues with a waffle script.

  1. How do I loft the contours in grasshopper so that they trim to match the shape of the surface? They are currently just curves and i would like to give them a thickness. I have tried to extrude the curves manually in Rhino and they hang out of the surface as each curved contour is matched to a specific part of the surface.

  1. The intersection cutting points for laser cutting don’t seem to match up with the contour curves in some areas. They are in fact sitting above the surface. See the image below for reference.

I do apologise if i’m not 100% clear. Do not hesitate to ask for further explanation should it not make sense. GH script and Rhino file are attached at the bottom.

Thank you in advance.


test.3dm (145.9 KB)

2012_01_02_contour.ghx (363.6 KB)

Ok, so First of all, The extruded curves will always hang out on a double curved surface. And that shouldn’t be a problem, as long as your laser cutter can just cut in 2 axis. And I believe so :wink:

There are one million waffle scripts on the internet. Google or search this forum.

For example: https://www.google.de/search?q=waffle+grasshopper&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=de-de&client=safari

Also there is a plugin called bowerbird, which also has many example files you could look at.

When I‘m home, I‘ll have a look at your file :slight_smile:

Ohh fantastic I will have a look! What really drew me to this current script was the fact it had the option to rotate it to whatever degree you like - something I am unsure of doing being very new to the program. Thank you for your reply and look forward to hearing back to you when you look at my file :slight_smile:

Is there a way to extrude the curves so they match up with the surface? Only because the waffle structure is part of my design and I cant have it hanging out when I render.

Ok, took a look at the files. Something really strange is Happening, I can’t explain.

This “trim with regions” Fails nearly everywhere, and how the bottom part gets trimmed and not the top part, I can’t explain. So I thought, il try it with “trim with breps”, but as soon I try to extrude or whatever with your curves, it’s invalid. In GH it’s not calledd invalid, but as soon I bake them, or try “trim with breps” It doesnt’ works.


Tried it with 3 different methods, but it always Fails.
Also Curve/Curve Intersection Fails on your boundary curves and the rectangles to trim.

2012_01_02_contour_re.gh (87.3 KB)

May @DavidRutten can have a look, because it Looks like a bug for me.

But here’s the modified example script of bowerbird.

There you can also now modify the angle with a slider. And it creates you a solid version for renderings.

This won’t sound really professional, but just move your Roof a bit up, or extrude it in z, till your waffle isn’t visible anymore. Or move your waffle a bit down. Nobody will notice :wink:

Ok, this gave me a guilty conscience. So I also made one with the Surface curvature. But not cut out, it’s just for Renderings.

BBWaffle Example - Open Surface_modified.gh (86.5 KB)

Yeah it’s something I attempted last night - moving the roof up - but I too also had a guilty conscience haha… thank you very much I’ll have a look at this file when home. How would I set up intersections for laser cutting? Is that something I would need to do manually?

Laser contour, orient and label is already done with bowerbird plugin :wink:
The last picture is the one for renderings and the rest in the script is the normal waffle :slight_smile:

thank you so much for your help!

@tim.stark is there a way to change the quantity of contours on the x and y axis to distance between centres of each contour on the x and y axis?