Shapediver Model Not Rendering Correctly


I’m having an issue where my grasshopper script is rendering correctly in rhino, but not shapediver.
Some of my geometry isn’t showing up, however it’s using the same materials as my other materials, and using the same display method.

I’m unable to share the file unfortunately, but wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

Which type of geometric objects are not showing up? Is it meshes, or something else?

A classic mistake is to forget to internalise the geometry your models requires…

Alexander, the geometry are all of type “box”, made with “boxRectangle”

Morten - yeah I could believe that.
I think if it was an internalization issue, I’d also see the issue in the grasshopper script with internalized geometry.
Here all inputs are the same between grasshopper and shapediver (as far as I can tell), but I’m getting a different output.

@cslotboom I tested it, and couldn’t reproduce the issue. Whether I output a box directly or mesh it before, it shows up in the viewer.

Could you create a minimal example that reproduces the problem?