ShapeDiver showing things that it shouldn't be showing

Inside grasshopper and Rhino everything is working flawlessly, when I upload the file in ShapeDiver it shows all of my mesh that isn’t even connected to the shapediver modules, I have stream gates attached to them so it might be it I don’t know. If anyone can take a look I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. (341.6 KB)

@arq.leonardopedroso ShapeDiver displays averything that you have as preview on in Grasshopper. Just turn preview off to everything else you dont want to be shown and then it will work.

The ShapeDiverDisplayGeometry component just helps you give a better visualisation to your models in ShapeDiver by applying materials but other than that, you could use ShapeDiver without them.

Here you can find a checklist that you need to have into account before uploading to ShapeDiver:

Hope this helps.

That worked but now all my geometry is duplicated in shapediver, inside rhino it looks completely fine, and some geometry that looks fine on rhino isn’t showing up in the platform.
This modeules in particular.

I am not sure what you mean by duplicated. I have turn the preview off to everything but the ShapeDiverDisplayGeometry component and now it looks correct. This is the GH file: (354.5 KB)

Yeah, now it worked for me, either way, I still can’t make the above screenshot to work in shapediver.