Problem with dxf / dwg importing


Hi all,

I have a problem where if I import a .DXF file, and after i try to open another .DXF file, it opens the same lines as the file i opened before. If i start a new project i can open the latter file fine, but then if i do try to open another file it changes to the first file i opened. any ideas? maybe a glitch of some sorts

Hi Ryan -

I’m not seeing that here but the workflow isn’t completely clear to me. You switch between “import” and “open” but I assume you are importing one dxf file after the other?
Can you please post dxf files that show this behavior?

hi, it’s indeed after i imported another dxf file after the other in the same rhino project.
added are the files.

RhineT02(Debut).dwg (15.1 KB)
RhineT04(Stamp).dwg (7.9 KB)