Trouble importing a dxf file

I’m trying to import a dxf file and it says it read it successfully but nothing shows up. The file is
mouse.dxf (254.4 KB)
I’ve imported other kinds of formats okay. What might I be doing wrong?

It opens fine here in Rhino V6:

Okay. I’m running V6. Did you do anything special besides the default import choices?
I just tried it again and nothing. I do File->Import-> and take the defaults
Working on Dell workstation laptop running Win10
Okay, I guess I’m a little dense. I did an open of the file and it came up fine except the print was white instead of black. I thought I would have to import the thing into Rhino.

That’s the old Autocad index color 7 thing that no one else does but them.
Common issue and one to look out for.

Thanks, John.