How would I import this DWG into Rhino?

Hi all,

Having issues importing this particular DWG into Rhino. Any tips? Tried following this but with no results. STL doesn’t work either as it isn’t water tight either.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance

Hello - I guess we need a bit more information, and/or a file. I can’t tell if the problem is in the import not working at all or the results from Import are not what you want, or? Is the file in dwg format? What happens when you use Import? If it comes in as an open mesh via stl, it is unlikely dwg will be any better.


Hello - try this

  • open the file
  • 4View
  • in Front, you’ll see a dot at the top of the viewport - make a tight window selection around that.
  • Invert then Delete
  • 4View again
  • Zoom Extents All