Has import DXF got brocken

I’ve just come to import some dxf’s on a Mid 2010 iMac, running Rhino 5.5.2 All my attempts at importing are coming up with Error importing file. These did work on earlier versions of Mac Rhino, I don’t have another machine to test on at the moment.

Just had a mate import the dxf’s on a Windows based Rhino version and they went straight in, so something is screwy on the Mac version.

Even more fun, I can export dxf/dwg files made in Rhino, but they crash Rhino out if I try to open them. Very similar sounding to the DWG fault I spotted that was reported here in September.

My guess is these DXF files were created using a newer version of AutoCAD so Mac V5 can’t read them.

Obviously, that’s a guess since you didn’t send a sample file.

It’s also possible, these files were created with one of the “flavored” versions of
AutoCAD that make special objects nothing else can import.

I’ll test the DXF crashing you outlined.

I can not duplicate the problem in Mac Rhino 5.5.2
Here’s a DXF file I created ibn Mac Rhino.
I Exported it as DXF.
I was then able to both Open and Import it into a new 3dm file.
Boxes.dxf (162.3 KB)

Please upload a small sample file that causes you to crash.

Tested same dxf’s on a 2014 Mac Mini and they all work. The fault appears to be older, i3 based Mac’s ? Or some weird fault specific to this one.

Very odd.
I’m not aware of a limitation with using an i3, but I’ve never used one.
What OS are the old i3s running?

It is running High Sierra, as you say never seen anything like it, so posted to see if anyone else running an old iMac has come across similar or heads up for anyone else experiencing this and scratching their heads.