Problem with Biomorpher Window

Hello @johnharding
When I click on the Biomorpher Component to open the Biomorpher Window, I get this black screen instead of the window as per the user manual.

  • This is my first time using the plug-in.
  • There is no error message from the Component.

Looks like it’s not launching the wpf window correctly. I’ve tested on Rhino 7 and should work fine.

Is the following file unblocked after you installed Biomorpher?


Thank you @johnharding. However, I don’t think that blocked files are the problem. I checked and made sure that all the files are unblocked during installation.

I am using Biomorpher with Rhino 6 and Grasshopper 1.0.0007.

Hmmm, not sure really what to suggest. Never really heard of this one.
Perhaps you could try an earlier version? They are available on Food4Rhino and work pretty much the same as the latest, just a few less features. Sorry about that. I would usually ask if there are any other conflicts with components, however I can see from your tabs that probably isn’t the case.
You could try the latest pre-release with more recent libraries which may help: