Biomopher on Mac

Hey! is Biomorpher compatible on Mac or only on windows? I know some plugins for windows like anemone work in my grasshopper but I can’t seem to get biomorpher to work :confused:

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From the information on Food4Rhino, I’d say that this is Windows-only, but @johnharding might know more.

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Hi there. Yes unfortunately it relies on WPF for the window so it won’t run on a mac (except through parallels I guess, but that’s cheating). I’d love to have set this up in mono or something, but that is beyond my knowledge as a bit-part programmer doing this in my free time!!
Sorry about that Yuinjann,

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That’s cool! Amazing work btw! Can’t wait to get on windows to try it! :slight_smile:

Imagine a world where we didn’t have to use Windows but Debian. One day maybe :frowning:

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