Problems with Biomorpher

Hello @johnharding
As we were talking at Biomorpher Forum, here it goes my query.
I’ve installed Biomorpher 7 on Rhino 6. But it shuts down my Grashopper and Rhino when I try to run it. Biomorpher 6 works great, but I need to work with surfaces, not only meshes.
You said that you need more information, what could it be?
Thanks again for your attention.


Thanks for finding me on here. Sounds like a strange one. Have you got any other plug-ins installed that depend on the same libraries (MahappsMetro or HelixToolkit). Examples could be HumanUI, Ocotopus, Wallacei, etc.


Hello John
Yes, I do. Here is a print screen of my Grasshopper plug-ins.

Sorry, I don’t see HumanUI, Ocotopus or Wallacei on that tab control! There is Human, but that’s something different.

It might be something I don’t know. Ok, so when you copied the dll files into the libraries folder, did it copy over any old ones with the same name?

By the way, surfaces are best used meshed in Grasshopper before putting them into Biomorpher. This gives you more control over the way they are meshed. You can just use the mesh surface component before feeding anything into Biomorpher 6 if that works. Not ideal in terms of not being able to upgrade though granted.

Hi @arqcampoy77

Could you try this pre-release instead that I just made:

The version of Mahapps (and windows interactivity dll) is now identical to that used with HumanUI, and the HelixToolkit is renamed to attempt to avoid version clashes.

Please let me know how you get on, and I’ll turn this into an actual release. Thanks!


Hello John
I did copy the dll files as you mentioned. Perhaps it might be some other configuration of my PC.
But I’m experiencing some progress working with meshes anyway. :wink:

Thanks a lot for sharing. I’ll try it during the next week.
For now, I’m working on a paper about GH/Biomorpher/Galapagos as a part of my PHD’s on digital architecture. So I’m overloaded in the next few days.
Your help has been extremely important to me!

No problem, glad to help. Hope the PhD goes well. Cecilie Brandt-Olsen and I published something in IJAC on Biomorpher in 2018 if you need a ref.

Take care, John.

Hi john
I just discovered your work at IJAC. Very interesting analysis. It will certainly help me with the theoretical foundation of the tool.
Thank you very much for your support, kindness and generosity.
Best regards!

Hi john
I tried to install your new version 0.7.1. It didn’t work for me. The icon does not appear on the ribbon. I unlocked all filles.
Do you know if it’s working for other people?

Actually I think I was tricked also, as I thought renaming the assemblies was working, but it turns out Grasshopper was instead also loading the helixtoolkit libraries within HumanUI! Please try this one instead, copying the Biomorpher folder across:

Thanks for your help with this. I think assembly conflicts is a known headache with little in the way of workarounds. At least the Mahapps is now updated. Other than this, I’m not sure what else to explore.

Hi John
Same error. The icon does not appear on the ribbon.
It seems that Biomorpher is not installed.

Sorry about that. I haven’t heard of this issue with anyone else (despite quite a lot of recent downloads) and there’s not much else to suggest really. Perhaps you could move all other libraries somewhere else, then move them back one by one and see where the conflict might occur? As I don’t have your component library in front of me that’s something I can’t do here.

It’s not even appearing is interesting though. There might be some detail on the Rhino Command line when you’re launching gh about why it cannot load, have a look for messages.

Sorry about this.

No problem, John. You’ve already helped me a lot.
I was able to run the experiments I needed with the version 6 of Biomorpher. Turns out, meshes were the best type of objects to my research.
Thank you very much, for all your attention and kindness :wink: