Problem to open RhinoInside

Dear All,

I have problem to open Rhino.Inside Revit I supposed after installing Rhino 7. Below the prinstscreen of the report error. I’ve just installed the new Rhino.Inside pack but it didn’t helped.
RhinoInside_not opened

Thank you in advance for any help.

Thanks for reporting this. On initial reviews, this seems to be cause by latest Windows updates. We are looking at this right now :smiley:


We just released a major update to Rhino.Inside.Revit. This build attempts to resolve the loading and runtime errors you have experienced. It would be great if you could download and install this new version to see if it solves all the load problems.

Because this is a major change, it does require additional steps to install properly:

  1. Make sure Revit is closed
  2. This step is quite important: Uninstall any previous versions of Rhino.Inside.Revit through Windows Control Panel > Programs & Features
  3. Download the latest Rhino.Inside.Revit
  4. Install the new Rhino.Inside.Revit. This new installer requires administrator privileges to install properly

Why are admin privileges required to install now?

In order to isolate OpenNURBS Library ( opennurbs.dll ) that is deployed by Revit from the library deployed by Rhino we do need to install a manifest file ( opennurbs_private.manifest ) inside the Revit main folder, and this requires administrator privileges. This change does not affect the Revit installation or behavior in any other way. It only directs Revit to use its own version of the OpenNURBS library when importing 3DM files. Please remember to manually uninstall any previous version of Rhino.Inside.Revit you already have installed before applying this new one.

What’s new about .NET conflicts in this release?

Normally users have a myriad of Revit add-ons installed to support their specific workflows. Since we can not test every possible setup the user may have, we have tried in this release to make the Rhino.Inside load process more robust to handle “any” unexpected circumstance like conflicts with other installed add-ons.

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