Rhino.Inside failed to load

Hello, everyone! May I ask how to solve this problem? thank you

I have the same error, rolled back to Rhino 7

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Hi Sijia,

Please try option 1, this opens a new instance of Revit with no other Addins.

Do send the report with the .Zip file as well. Thanks!

Yes, clean Revit install on C: , no addons beside RiR.

I just bought a new computer,haha.

Submitting the report would still be useful.

Can you post your About info as well? Thanks

Hi Sijia, Please uninstall Rhino.Inside.Revit via the Add or Remove Programs windows dialog,then try installing this version. Thanks.

Hi Japhy,I can use it now, thank you very much for your help.

Hi Japhy,I think it is probably the problem of my installation of Revit, because at that time, I created a new folder on the C drive to install, is it because of this reason (Rhino.Inside failed to load). However, I uninstalled Revit and after reinstalling it using the default path, I can now use it (Rhino.inside)… :grinning: