Problem of data management with cull item / list item

i don’t have the same result between my grasshopper definition and the upload in ShapeDiver platform. It’s very strange, because that run very well in grasshopper. I think the problem come from sorting the data after cull item (same problem with list item). I must to cut a part of the form with two circles (surface split). How to fix it please i use rhino 5. Thank you for help.

Surface split between forms and circles

run very well in grasshopper. It sort the right items data

But not in ShapeDiver upload. ShapeDiver sort the wrong items data

Hi @bernoussi.sammy, this is a common problem between different versions of Grasshopper or even different computers, as the tolerances or other factors may change the order of your lists. You must create a geometrical or mathematical check when you want to take geometry from a list output which order you dont control. This is explained in the “Optimizing Grasshopper Definitions Explained!” blog post in the second case.

We also talked about this in the first day of our webinar so I invite you to attend the other two days (Today 7th of May and tomorrow 8th of May) where you will be able to learn more principles about creating cloud applications with Grasshopper. You can register here.

thank you i follow your webinar yesterday, it’s very nice but i don’t understand everything because my english is not perfect, i will follow the next webinar. Thank you again for your great job.

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