Geometry on Shapediver is different from the Rhino


Im trying to upload a new definition to Shapediver but the results are not as expected.
This is how it should look (Rhinoview):

But once I upload it, it looks like this (Shapediver):

There are meshes that I have not even created on my grasshopper definition. It is totally wrong :fearful:

I have been using some c# components from the last WEBINAR. The Loft Meshes ones. I found two of them on the examples and tried with both but still when I uploaded in Shapediver the result is not correct.

Here is how I loft it with both of the components:

Maybe it has to do with the C# components? or what the problem could be?

Thanks a lot!

It might be the C# components. Could you post a minimal version of your definition which reproduces the problem?

Hi Pavol!, thank you for your quick answers.

I went through the definition and try to upload several times with some changes and its working now.
What I could figure it out was that the Offset Curve command from Putterfish was not working propely cause the lists or the vertices changed once uploading it to shapediver.

So once I changed the Offset curve command from a construction of a rectangle it started to work.
There were also other things that I had to change. But basically was an error on the lists of items that changed when uploading on Shapediver.

This is a common problem where a list order varies from computer to computer or between Grasshopper version as the tolerances and other factors may have affected the order of your lists. In order to keep the order stable and predictable, you have to create a geometrical or mathematical check and sort the list accordingly. More in this tutorial or video below: