[WEBINAR] Day 1 Challenge (06/05/2020)

Thanks to everyone who joined this afternoon! Find below the links of all models and materials you need for the challenge. You will find the challenges related to the concepts discussed this morning in the red groups, with a question starting with 1 (for Day 1).

  1. Download and install the following plugins:
  1. Download the first file of our Grasshopper challenge (we’ll optimize this file throughout the webinar):
  1. Check out the final result for this table after applying the concepts of this webinar:
  1. Create a Free ShapeDiver account (if you want to test your own models):

Additionally, find below the examples Edwin went through during this morning’s webinar, since they were requested by a lot of participants:

We hope to see you all tomorrow!


Thank you for this amazing Session #1. below is my attempt to solve the challenge.

1- Replaced all Nurbs Curves and Circules with Polylines
2- All intersections were made Mathematically not physically. Replaced Brep & Region Booleans with Curve / Plane Intersections.
3- All Geometry has been modeled with Meshes.
4- Notches / Slits has been integrated into curves before meshing.

Attached is my GH definition (a Bit Messy) and a Screenshot of my Bottleneck Navigator

RibsTable_V1_Assignment 1.gh (115.5 KB)