Problem licence trial version


I would like to download Rhino 5 for mac on a trial licence for 3 month but when I install Rhino and launch it it tells me that my trial period is expired. But I have downloaded it today so it cannot be.

I bought my computer from another designer, so I thought, is it possible that he had downloaded a trial version one day and when I download it today somehow Rhino recognizes the computer?
I am not so good with computer but that is the only possibility I thought of.

Could you help me figure out what is happening ?
Many thanks

It’s possible there are more than one Rhinoceros application on the computer.
Use the Mac Spotlight tool and see if there is an old on the system.
If there is, delete it.

Any luck?

maybe try the new rhino 6 ! there is also a 90 days free trial :wink:

It is on a window PC, (I am normally a mac user so I am going through hell right now trying to understand PC)
And I have tried cleaning my computer of all files also using Little Registery Cleaner but without result… still the same message

And I would like Rhino 5 as I need to try it with Visualarq which hasn’t yet released the version for Rhino 6

If this is the Rhino for Windows eval, then yes, if Rhino V5 was installed before then you can not run another eval on it without reformatting the drive.

You can run the 90-day evaluation of V6, but it does most of the Rhino plugins are not updated for V6 yet.

I see… I kind of guessed… Really annoying as I do not have the time and will to reformate the drive
Is there a possibility to key a new licence key from the support center you believe, that could allow me to get a 3month trial without reformating or will that be a problem

My issue is that I have just started my studio of architecture and I need to know what software to buy but for that I need to test which one will correspond best to my practice. VisualArq provides a 1month trial period but I don’t know when it will be released and I am scared to download Rhino 6 and get the trial version to expire before VisualArq is released… then if it is impossible to get an extention of a trial version I cannot test the softwares and cannot afford to wait for month to make my decision regarding software licences…
And will have to switch to ArchiCAD but I believe I can get more from Rhino + VA
Any tips ?

Sorry, and extension of an expired V5 is not possible.

Reformat that computer, a different computer that has never had V5 on it, or use V6 are your options.

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