Rhino trial version is not working

Hey there, does anyone know if there are ongoing issues with the trial keys for rhino?
I am experiencing issues trying to use my key which should be valid, since I have only received it today.

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We closed a big loophole that let people like you get more than one 90-day evaluation license.
That is no longer possible.

It’s time to buy a permanent license.

People like me? It was my first time ever trying to get in touch with Rhino. I thought it would be a nice way to start, but I guess that’s not possible anymore. Thanks for your fast reply.

That isn’t true. I see two 90-day licenses were obtained before the loophole was closed.

I also see six different email addresses were used attempting to get additional licenses.

By chance is this a used computer that you did not re-image when you got it?