Demo Version

Hi there,
I worked with the Develpers Version for a short period and need to look into an old file. I downloaded the Rhino Wip Version, but how can I get the Demo version running? I did not recieved an key.
It is urgent.
Thank you!

If the 90-day evaluation option is selected when installing Rhino for Windows, you are not asked for a license key.

If you requested Rhino for OSX, then the message we sent to your email address has the 90-day license key along with the download link.

Hi John,
Unfortunately I have not recieved the key via email.
So that is why I am confused.
Can you please resend it in this case?
Thank you so much!

Go back to the Download page and request it again.
It will send another message with the same license key within a few moments.

I did that and downloaded it again, but still do not get the license key. I also checked spam und trash. It dont understand this.
Thanks John!

I just did it again. I think it might work. Thanks John!

I need your email address to check it.

Dear John,
I used the number sent, however Rhino crashed straight away and now it says the license key is invalid. What to do?
Thank you!

You may have old WIP builds and other stuff left over.
Use Spotlight to see if you have more than one Rhinoceros application. If you do, delete them both.
Reinstall the current released build and manually delete the old license file:
In Finder, use Go - Go to Folder: /Library/ and browse to:
Application support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/License Manager/Licenses
Delete the LIC file you find there
Start Rhino and enter your license key

Does that get your sorted?

Yes you are right, there is an old version of Rhino. I will try. Thank you!