Trial licence key not valid?!


I have been trying to start Rhino with a licence key for Rhino 7 trial for Mac, but the licence key is not valid when I enter it on the Zoo cloud when starting Rhino, or when I try to add the licence on my personal account on the web.

Could anyone help me??

That’s probably because you have already had at least one trial period previously and the 90 days have expired. You are not allowed more than one 90 day trial. I’m afraid you must decide to buy a license if you wish to continue using Rhino.

This is the first trial I am getting.

No others under a different username or e-mail address? If that is the case, please contact directly for help.

Your evaluation period ran from August 22nd to November 20th. Remember that you are entitled to only one evaluation.

If you like to keep using Rhino please acquire a license from Rhino - Buy - Rhinoceros . Note that as a student you could be eligable for a big discount. See the Rhino - Rhino for Education for that