Rhino Evaluation Expired before 90 days



I have an evaluation copy of Rhino 5 installed however the licence has expired before the 90 day limit - I only installed it about a month ago. I’ve emailed tech support but not a response as of yet. Can anyone help!?


(John Brock) #2

@stevebaer: This one looks like it’s for you.


Thanks @John_Brock.

@stevebaer are you able to assist?

(Steve Baer) #4

You should be getting an email from me.


Thank you @stevebaer for resolving the issue. All is working fine now.


Hi, this has happened to me too and I have only had it for 2 weeks and really need to be able to do uni work.
Have reset my clocks and tried re-downloading but nothing is working. Is there any other action I should take?




hi !
i just installed rhino 5 trial version for 90 days ta few hours ago. For some reason the software does not seem to allow me to save any projects. it says that evaluation has expired and that rhino will not save. what do i do ?

(Steve Baer) #8

Please email sales@mcneel.com
They can help sort out this issue.

Trial Expired before 90 Days
90 day free trial
Trial expires before 90 Days

My Rhino 5 trial version decided, that the evaluation period of 90 days was over after just 1 day. I installed the software yesterday. Can someone please help me get it running again?

(John Brock) #10

No one here in the discussion forum can help.
Please send a message to sales@mcneel.com describing the problem.
They should be able to help you.


i am also suffering from same problem. today morning my rhino suddenly said its expired. can anyone help me. i have 55 days left.

(Wim Dekeyser) #12

Did you send an email to sales@mcneel.com?


Hi this issue also just happened to me, can anyone help? My trial said I had 28 days left, then my computer crashed and when it restarted my Rhino said it has expired. Can anyone please help?

(John Brock) #14

Just like the other replies, you will need to send a message to sales@mcneel.com with the details.



Thanks, I did send an email and am waiting for a reply. It seems like this a common issue which is unfortunate. Hopefully salesmcneel can help.