Problem duplicating V4 file with bitmap using RhinoV5

Seems like you can duplicate a V5 file with a bitmap and the bitmap copies OK, but if you duplicate a similar V4 file, the bitmap isn’t copied.

For example, create a new file. Place background bitmap pear.bmp (from the tutorial files). Save the file. Duplicate, and everything looks ok. But if you open and duplicate Curve.3dm from the tutorial files (a V4 file), the bitmap shows up as a filled rectangle. Similar results happen with the Chair.3dm file from the tutorial files.

Guess this will only catch V4 users who upgrade to V5, and open V4 files.

p.s. there are two “Duplicate” menu choices on the File menu.
Mac Wenatchee build 470

This isn’t a V4 vs. V5 issue, but is due to how referenced files are handled in Rhino. When you create a new file with a bitmap, the bitmap is not stored in the file, but the full path of the bitmap file is stored in the model. As long as you keep that model on the same computer, Rhino can find the bitmap, even when you move the model itself to another directory. If you copy that new .3dm file to another computer, then Rhino won’t be able to find the bitmap any more.

That behavior is pretty inconvenient, so, when Rhino cannot find a referenced file, it looks in the same directory of the model for the referenced file. If it finds a file there with the same name, it uses that file.

In the tutorials directory, there is a pear1.png file, along with the curve.3dm model. The curve.3dm model When you open the curve.3dm model when it is in the tutorials directory, it finds the pear1.png file in the same directory and uses that.

If you want to copy the curve.3dm model to another directory, you need to also copy any referenced files to the same directory, so Rhino can continue to find the referenced files.

This is an OS X 10.7 bug. Apple’s code (not Rhino) adds the duplicate Duplicate menu item. OS X 10.8 does not do this, and there is only one Duplicate menu item in Rhino’s File menu in 10.8.