URGENT I need a command that nukes images from a V5 file or where to manually delete them

Hi, V5,
I am unable to post any files seeking help until the horror that has unfolded is solved.
I can create a new file, from a rhino original template, copy paste to it, or as I am now doing, export selected and import that 3dm file, even a single line, from the project file, AND IT BRINGS IN LOADS OF LINKED BITMAPS that were in use as PictureFrame placements in that project file.
I never embed, I only use default linked mode.
I am not aware of that, I just wanted a single object, not one bitmap,not the entire lot. THEY ARE BROUGHT IN AGAINST MY WILL. I CANT SEE THEM, I CANT FIND AN OPTION TO SHOW THEM, but V6 and v7 love flagging them up upon file opening.

I am grateful for BrianM in the first spotting of this invasion of privacy and security breach.

Before I can post that file I NEED TO NUKE THEM FROM IT. as said I cant see them. Audit3dmfile doesnt show them for me, yet Brian can do that and see them.

What is going on McNeel ?

Where can I go to select them and delete them ?
I need to run a command that will remove them from existing in this V5 file I need to post, BUT I DONT WANT THAT SEEKING OUT THE BITMAPS IN THE PROJECT FILE AS WELL, THAT WOULD DESTROY ME.


If not possible I am unable to post any more files and as such unable to work, or work until I need help.


Its to run in V5.

I am win 7 64bit pro and will never manage to create time to create a win10 PC now until this is solved as it means the current workload will be impacted and be prolonged without the ability to forum post, the backlog of other tasks building up will then deny me that time. All my plans wrecked in fact.


Have you tried savesmall and export only geometry? Maybe you need to open the v5 export in v7 and save again with one or both of those options, and then import that file.
Hope you find a workable workaround!

Hi Holo,
I havent tried save small yet, I will do so and send to BrianM who is trying to fix this.

I cant use V7 as I havent got win10.

I need a fix that applies to V5, not requiring V6 or V7 at all.

I wonder just where in V5 are these non displaying picture frame linked images found, that I can delete them ? and why oh why has a simple copy paste of a line brought the entire lot in, who coded it to do that ?


If the PictureFrames are no longer in the file, then the Purge command with Materials=yes option will remove the PictureFrame images (materials). If you open the Material Editor tab first, you will see them disappear.

Another method is to delete directly from the Material editor with a right click - this will remove no longer used materials - take care as this will also remove the image from a PictureFrame present within the file and leave it blank.

Hello - for embedded bitmaps, there is only the nuclear option: testPurgeBitmapTable. This will purge the entire table, no questions asked. All embedded (embedded PictureFrame images in V5, BackgroundBitmap images, Wallpaper probably as well) will be removed but not textures.
For textures as on materials, you can turn off saving textures with the file in V5 in DocumentProperties > Rendering page.

I did not read the entire word salad above, but I think that is what you are looking for.


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I have opened several of your files and seen references to missing pictureframe bitmaps (i.e. bitmaps for which there is a reference to an external file that you did not include with your upload) but I have not seen any included bitmap.

Are you absolutely sure you are not mistaking these references to a missing bitmap for references to an included bitmap?

If you have a file which you are certain contains bitmaps you don’t intend to include and which you cannot remove then you may send it to me by private message and I’ll take a look at it. I undertake not to share it elsewhere and will delete it on completion.


Here is how to remove the references to missing pictureframe bitmaps in R5:

First off, here’s how R7 reports ten missing images in an R5 file:

Note that the paths point to a location that doesn’t exist on my machine.

And here is how you see these same references in the R5 materials list:

Double click on one to see the details, including the invalid path:

Select all the ones you want to get rid of (remember there may be legitimate materials interspersed that you will want to keep) and right click on the selection:

And select the Delete option. In my example I have deleted nine out of the ten:

Then save the file. To confirm they have gone, here is what R7 now reports:



Pascal, I ran your TestPurgeBitmapTable and no change, they are still there.

here is the file:-

Flaps V5 3D …_has38bitmaps list issue testPurgeBitmapTable command Pascal.3dm (366.5 KB)

In a nutshell, this is the problem:-

I have a project file, WHICH I NEVER POST HERE OR ANYWHERE, in it I place images to work on using PictureFrame, I trace over them, scale them, , they are not for any textures or whatever, purely reference images. I always use the ‘linked’ option which thank god is default.

I have been doing so since day 1.

To post a problem I copy paste the parts I need to talk about to a NEW file, using Rhino default templates, NOT ANY TEMPLATE I HAVE PREMADE, whatever curves and surfaces I have a problem with, NEVER EVER DO I POST AN IMAGE, OR A PICTURE FRAME. If it was needed for the post I would embed it.

Now I discover when doing that copy paste of even a line to a new Rhino default template, I am told there are 38 bitmaps linked paths being brought in with that and being asked for right up front, in your face, when its opened in V6 or V7.

I also have started using export selected and still the same happens.

I didn’t know about this security breach and now need an URGENT fix.

IMPORTANTLY I DON’T WANT A SIMPLE COPY PASTE TO PULL IN ALL THE LINKED IMAGE PATHS FROM THE SOURCE FILE, if I do a copy paste or ‘export selected’ from a few difference complex project files I could end up with many hundreds if not thousands of images paths in what should be a file where no images should exist at all.

I need something to stop that crazy thing from happening in V5. Displaying in a list to strangers what is private and confidential data.

Now why was that ever programmed into V5 ?

As such I also need a command that will nuke those LINKED IMAGES in the NEW FILE where they never existed and never should be existing after a simple copy paste.

Thanks Jeremy.

I only ever use the toothpaste tab when I select a PictureFrame to alter transparency and grab its name for pasting to a layer name.

With nothing selected that toothpaste tab isn’t even there. there is nothing in the file to display the toothpaste tab when selected. I click the dome, no toothpaste tab in properties appears showing linked file paths.

I have now gone through the various tabs atop screen, which I never use much if at all, and in the ‘RENDER TOOLS’ I see toothpaste, aha !!! so I click it and hells bells there are the images it claims are missing.

I double click one as you say but no path appears. Are you doing that in V6 or V7 as it doesn’t give me your interface in V5.

I selected them then went over to using shift for speed, and after two lots they are all gone.

Attached the file, are they gone ?

Flaps V5 …has38bitmaps list issue Jeremy RenderToolsToothpasteDelete used.3dm (118.3 KB)

here is what I see on V5:-


Yes, they’ve gone.

In the panels area where you see Properties, Layers etc click on the settings gearwheel:

then tick the Materials option to add it to the panels.


ok done that, oh heck, my file hjas a couple of pictureFrames I am currently using but it shows many more, .
How can I get it to delete those that dont have an actual picture frame in use in this file ?

Why is rhino doing this crazy thing ?
Does V6 and V7 do that I wonder, I would like it fixed before running V7, one should be with things that lessen burdens not make for them.

now I await a Pascal command or other clever soul that does that in one click.
I have years of files to go back through now., nuke and repost.

I also await a fix to stop Rhino doing that in the first place.


In R5. Start here:

Double click on the entry and the panel splits to show the detail:

Click on the file path to see more details of the file:

Then scroll the file path to see the beginning to get its location:

If that file does not exist you have an orphan file reference in Rhino. If you move the file to a new location in File Manager, Rhino won’t know and will have an orphan reference. If you load the 3dm file to another PC which doesn’t have the bitmap file you will have an orphan reference.

Unless you are sensitive about the names of your bitmap files or are worried about performance you do not actually need to delete the orphan references. The whole point is that the bitmap is missing so you are not sharing it when you post the file.

many thanks for your help here.
ok I see that now.
The file does exist at that path. they all do.
I dont want the file names, paths, anything about them visible to anyone, private data, others names, they wouldnt approve, etc etc.

I am absolutely livid that a simple copy paste of a curve from the file where they do matter to a new blank rhino default template brings them all in.

I would not have imagined anyone would code Rhino to do that, to bring in file paths, and even the images can be seen, when they were not selected, and therefore NOT WANTED.

if there was a message that appeared at point of edit copy/copy paste hello do you wish to also bring in 38 linked images in use in picture frame I would be alarmed but grateful to click NO, as it is it does it anyway, causing all this stress and security issues.

I want a command I can run that will nuke them all out, as I now have many files to go back through and deal with now.

Else its doing this deletion thing one at a time. I am up to 3am as it is with Rhino and a tricky job. Its making me ill.

BUT IT ALSO MUST BE STOPPED FROM DOING SO AGAIN, I am working and frightened to copy or import anything as it brings them all in again and again.

I was finding a simple copy paste was also slowing right down a new file, now I know why.

How do I stop the simple act of bringing in a curve or surface dumping all these unwanted image links in as well ? McNeel ???

ye gods :frowning:




I just used copy and paste to copy the objects in your file (which I previously copied for the orphan deletion exercise) into a new empty file. The cloning did not bring the orphan bitmap references across. So something else must be in play in your environment.

Please post a file from which you wish to copy something and an empty file into which you want it pasted, with instructions on which item to copy. I need to see them in their state prior to you doing any copy and paste between them.

Geez, there have been numerous paths for free upgrades to Win 10 over the years, some of which might still work, and really Microsoft doesn’t even really care if you as an individual pirate it, an unactivated Windows 10 doesn’t stop working, they just want everyone off the older OSs (and still on a Microsoft OS.)

Even so don’t advocate piracy. Thanks.

Hi, I will post a test file when I get 5 mins.

as for win10, I will be getting a pucka official win 10, need advice on which variant is best. I was sold an OEM win7 and didnt know until engineer opened the box and there was no coming back later, and Msoft refused to give me help, took 3 months to overcome some of the problems, thank the heavens for Classic Shell.
I must get win10 interface like XP/classic shell win7.
I have 150 progs to load back on, some of the hardware might not work, I might need to create dual boot, things like Nikon Coolscan IV slide scanner, far better than a flatbed, expensive sound card , Saitek flight sim gear, will the motherboard be ok, I aim to get an SSD and load win 10 on then find out.,

progs will probabaly need upgrading and now some are subscription mode and I just dont have money to keep paying every month for something I never have done subs for.

I just need time to rebuild the custom built quiet running with special components Pc and do all the above, price it, install it, and a load of fixing and making functional and sussing a classic shell fix or whatever is needed, as well as being 3 months behind now thanks to Rhino issues and scant data on my current project to work to.