Help needed! - Import is looking for an image file

Hey brains trust,
Hoping someone can help me - lately I’ve noticed that when I start up Rhino, it comes up with a message in the command bar - “Bitmap file Kate and Sophorn2.jpg already exists. Skipping bitmap.”
That’s kind of annoying, but doesn’t really affect me.
But now I’m finding that when I import a model (drag and drop style) it’s trying to do it hundreds of times which is really slowing me down as I import a lot.
Something’s gotten sucked into my files somewhere, but I don’t know what it’s trying to reference.
Anyone got suggestions?

Hi Aaron - does it do this if Vray is blocked? (Options > Plug-ins page, uncheck “Enabled”, restart Rhino)

@pascal Ah ha! It doesn’t do it if Vray is blocked.
Don’t suppose you know why Vray is doing that?

Hi Aaron - my off-the-top-of-my-head guess is that you have the same texture referenced in multiple VRay materials, possibly, and these are in your start-up template?


Thanks @pascal - I’ve tried purging all v-ray materials, block instances and layers and saving a new temp file to open, but it’s still happening. When I use a Rhino default template (small objects millimeters) it doesn’t happen.
So I’m not sure where the problem is - would you know of any other options that are stored in a template file that I can try?


Hi Aaron - can you post or send us via your template file? You might try saving with no plug-in data before saving as a template, though that may eliminate the advantage of your template, depending on what you want in there…

--SaveAs > SavePlugInData=No and then SaveAsTemplate