Probably ANOTHER license thread

So i discovered the change in structure this am when i went to add my new v6 license to my laptop…

Dont want to rip on owner, dev team… i understand dealing with the thieves and such must be daunting. Mostly want to be sure i am using the scheme correct, then just post my short, personal feedback.

So after installing the license as standalone on 2 computers, i was prompted with my error. In my rhino account, was listed 1 license(me). I clicked an “add license” button, which created a “cloud zoo” license.

I then launched rhino on both desktop and laptop, and licensed using “email address account” option. (First desktop, then laptop)

Both successfully licensed and listed a “lease time” for roughly a month.

When i relaunched my desktop ver, i got a nag screen about it was used by laptop, do i want to use it here. I clicked yes.

This prompted me here to see if that is NORMAL (didn’t seem it should be)… and if i have used it correctly. I didnt create a “team” as it is just me…

Any input is appreciated.

My feedback is i don’t care for this system. I don’t care for cloud apps and cloud services. I will most likely remove the laptop version and re-license my desktop as a standalone license, then just use OTHER software on my laptop…

Thanks for listening to that part (mcneel. Not directed at users)

Well, sorry to be harsh, but that’s just the way it is. You can’t use one single license of Rhino on two or more computers SIMULTANEOUSLY. The Cloud Zoo simply allows you to transfer the license from one machine to the other and the nag screen is there to remind you that the license was in use on the other machine and to confirm that you do want to remove it from one and use it on the other.

Rhino is not a cloud app, just the license management system is if you want to share the license on more than one machine.

If you don’t want to deal with that, well, buy a second license of Rhino and install them both standalone.

Well, I don’t think so… I response to harsh is to be harsh.

I posted a topic to get direction on the way I installed the zoo cloud, which didn’t seem obvious to me. I clearly stated I understood this was needed. I gave some details so anybody that wanted to “confirm” for me, would have a clear understanding of what I did.

My post was 2 part (As stated) with a second part meant as feedback for mcneel, on their decision to do the cloud services licensing. I also clearly stated how I would handle it.

So really, your post is utterly useless. It doesn’t address what I was looking for, and has nothing constructive to say about my feedback. I don’t think the “that’s just the way it is”. Or the “if you don’t want to deal with it” is anything that mcneel would reply with…

As a fact, I think Mcneel would take into consideration that I will be using OTHER software now, at times. I think the visionaries at mcneel would LIKE to consider those types of things.

So, please, save the harsh.

Yes this is normal. Each time you swap from one machine to the other you will be asked if you want to continue. And FWIW my experience, swapping frequently between laptop and desktop, is that it works well, is reliable and is not onerous. But, of course, you are perfectly entitled to feel differently and install Rhino on one machine only and install the mighty OTHER software on your laptop. Maybe you could drop by the forum occasionally with some feedback on how the two systems compare to help others making choices between different tools.


This is the way the Rhino license has always been, you can’t use it SIMULTANEOUSLY on more than one machine but you can install it on all you want. There just used to be no way to actually enforce it. Most other software these days is exactly the same–I mean Adobe lets me run it on 2 machines before it starts nagging, but same concept–or node-locked, so I’m not sure what’s surprising about this. The Cloud Zoo means you can run it on any machine you happen to find yourself at, so that’s a bonus.

[quote=“jeremy5, post:4, topic:99545”]
Yes this is normal. Each time you swap from one machine to the other you will be asked if you want to continue. And FWIW my experience, swapping frequently between laptop and desktop, is that it works well, is reliable and is not onerous.[/quote]

Ah, thanks! My question has been answered!

My goal in the forum will be to offer help, and get assistance when needed and if I can.
My mention of OTHER, was just to avoid using names of competitors in someone else’s forum. It’s a respect thing. But my point of not using Rhino on my laptop, was something I wanted Mcneel to hear.

I said it once. I wont be here repeating it over, and over and over.

Interesting start to the reply. “Its always how it has been” and “then this is new”.

So for me, it is NOT always how it has been. See?

And BTW. I don’t use the software “SIMULTANEOUSLY*”… And that’s the rub.

I have many softwares on my system, on both my desktop, and my laptop.\

But “Adobe” is no longer there. Neither is Autodesk…

So my rub is the “enforce” part.

But I don’t want to get into it with “Users” of the software. My “feedback” was directed at Mcneel. Thought I made that point clear enough.

So, “End User License AGREEMENT” needs to be changed to “End User Enforced Complience”… lol

I have one non-networked machine with a standalone license, so my knowledge of the Zoo is just what I read here. I thought that in addition to the cloud zoo there was a capability to set up a local zoo on one of the user’s machines and have it administer the licenses locally. Of course this still requires the user’s machines to be networked together whenever the license is transferred from one machine to another, but at least it can be on a local area network if that makes the most sense.

Am I right or just imagining things? Or maybe you used to be able to do that, but can’t anymore?

I saw that too. Pretty sure it is a local app, that will act as the zoo server, like you described.

Could be handy in a company (or situation) where multiple users want to use a lessor amount of licenses. So a company with 20 employees can purchase only 10 licenses, then share them.

Its the same scheme, just managed on the LAN…

Zoo Cloud just uses our Rhino account online, to store the license info…

Yes, there were many discussions of V5 users used to the old, unenforced system when V6 was released - 2+ years ago… Any time a system changes, there will be advantages and disadvantages.

I have no doubt that you and many people like you are/were completely honest in using Rhino licenses. But in fact, there were also many, many people who weren’t, simply because the system allowed it. So the system was re-engineered to be more rigorous, yet still allow single licenses to be used on multiple computers with a minimum of hassle.

Nobody likes enforcement. It would be nice to not have radar speed traps or airport security… but that’s just how things have evolved.

There is a lot to complain about in Rhino. I wish I had more time to point those things out more often. To be fair, I have no problem with the licencing implementeation. Always works for me, just had one case where it warned me that it wasn’t able to renew the license, but eventually it did, so everything was fine (I think it was just connection problems on my side). It works just fine for me and I think this is something that goes unnoticed for most users, just works.

So Bob Mcneel is posting a 75% increase in sales for the last 2 years because of his new forced complience!!! (Except people know that the crack for V6 was released before Mcneel was done rolling out V6)

So who’s being enforced?

The money from the enforced compliance is almost never enough to pay for the implementation. As a fact, you will more likely than not see an increase in price, to pay for it… (unless Bob actually needs LESS in his older age)

You realize you’re about 3 years too late to be so bitter about this, right? The conversations have been had and are over. What is your problem? Of course the crack will always exist, and always be out-of-date and have problems that lead to hilarious questions here. It’s not good form to disrespect intellectual property when your’e in the business of creating it. What do you want? You can still run Rhino on your laptop and your desktop. The stereotypical paranoid, open-source-loving IT guy at my old work thinks it’s great, it seems to cause few (not none, few) issues here, no more than the standalone Zoo.

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Well Jim, when you re read my initial post, please point out the bitterness. However, when you read that i asked for assistance, then posted some feedback for Mcneel, and follow up to read YOUR RESPONSE…

Then you can look in the mirror, and ask yourself your question…

Appatently, my feedback for Mcneel has brought out a couple robbie robots hardwired to chirp “COMPLY… COMPLY…”

Direct quotes from my post…

So who the hell are you, jim…

Why are you here attacking, with your hate…



Well Mitch, you being “Harsh” and now condescending, only leads to confusion for others. You and the robbie robots have turned my simple post into yoir personal sh**storm, that has this user questionimg what they know…

So 7 years ago i posted a “newb” question, and a technical one.

YOU happened to be first to respond there too (imagine that). But suprisingly, you actually answered the NEWB question…

The technical one, well, a flat “No”…

Short, unhelpful. Uninsightful. Kindof seems to be your MO!

Pascal then responded. He has some insight a method to achieve the quest.

Helpful. Encouraging. The reason i was back here.

But alas. This forum is dominated by a couple loudmouths that degrade threads into their personal beefs and battles.

You can be glad to know i’ll leave it to you. I have no room left for such idiotic behavior.

Y’all… please - calm, respectful, helpful… remember? I think the question about licensing has been answered - if not, please let me know.


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