A few Rhino 6 license questions

Hi McNeel and all (@pascal, maybe?)

I’m going to do a bit of upgrading for a place I work with as a freelancer, and as it’ll be my first foray into Rhino 6, I have a few questions on the licensing and just how the Cloud Zoo works. I’ve tried to figure out as much as possible by reading, but there’s a few things I can’t quite figure out:

  1. Installing one license on multiple computers - Is it possible to install Rhino 6 on 2 computers with one license, as long as only one license is in use at any given time?
  2. If it is installed on a laptop that is not online when Rhino is started (eg. at a client meeting), will it work, or is an internet connection required? If an internet connection is required, is it instead possible check out a license before leaving the office?
  3. If the license is installed as a standalone license, is it still possible to install Rhino on two computers, as long as only one is in use at a time?

TIA, Jakob

This may help Jakob.

Thanks @Fred_C

I had actually already looked at that page, but going back, I now realized that there’s additional info if you mouse-over on the various licensing topics. I did not notice that the first time around, so thanks for making me take a second look :smiley:

Regards, Jakob

Happy to help. I also missed the mouse-over options on my first visit to the page.
Good luck. Cheers,

  1. Yes
  2. There will be a grace period once you sucessfully set up a Rhino account on that laptop. If it happens that your grace period is over, you’ll not be able to run Rhino
  3. Don’t know. But I don’t think you can do that.

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Hi again (@pascal or anyone else who might know)

As far as I can see, the update applies to either Rhino 4 or Rhino 5 - is that correct? WeI’ve got 2 Rhino 5 licenses and a single Rhino 4 license, and would like to upgrade all three, and just want to be sure, that the Rhino 4 license is elegible for the update to Rhino 6.

TIA, Jakob

EDIT: Found the answer - yes, any previous version will do. Thanks :slight_smile: