Do you want to keep your license here?

Do you want to keep your license here?

Do you want to keep your license here?

Do you want to keep your license here?

Am I going to run into this every time I shut off Rhino on my Desktop and start it on my desktop : (
Actually, I want to be able, like V5, to use Rhino on 2 machines as long as I don’t use them at the same time.

What’s the problem? Is the license manager not quick enough?

I want to go out and do some V6 tutorials with my laptop, but I am unsure if this thing is going to give me problems. This system lowers my confidence in Rhino3D.

Yep, you are going to get that every time with a single license shared among machines. The cloud zoo checks out a single license to a machine for about two weeks so you can work offline if need be. Thus you need to tell the cloud zoo that it’s OK to check it back in now and give it to the other machine.

Thank you Helveltosaur.

Rhino 3D user experience slips down one notch : (

I think it’s either that way or if you were working on something and not saved, the file may never be ableyto be saved.

Tho, an option of automatically closing other machine might be preferable for some.
Maybe saving a backup with a distinguishable
name, like the computer name you logged into added to the name might suffice…

I gave it a half hour today between the two, and I didn’t get the notice when I switched to the notebook computer.

That looks like something mcneel should look into.
I wonder if files can be saved in both pcs…

Look into: to make it better or worse for the Rhino user?
Stuff like this stresses me out, wondering if a license manager is going to leave me stranded if I am reverse engineering something somewhere?

I just want to be able to quit Rhino on my notebook, wait minute, and then start it on my laptop.

When I use Rhino, I often switch from my Notebook to desktop. I do a lot of stuff at the coffee shop, and I also use my Notebook out in the garage to reverse engineer thing, but I use the desktop as well–esspecially for checking things because I big screen help on that.

Oddly, LOL, the only time I’ve attempted to run 2 instances of Rhino on separate machines, is when I rendering something, while trying to find a file for someone helping me solve a V6 crash, in another thread, and I think once a long time ago while printing things.

Ref: V6 Locking in Raytraced Mode

Notes: One of the reasons why I buy Rhino is because the company is pleasant. I also do music recording, and have avoided buying any products with iLok DRM on it. I won’t even use a “free” plug-in included with my FocusRite 18i20 only because the DRM gets in my way. I use Reaper DAW audio over Cubase and Protools for the same reason. I have PhotoShop and Premier 5.5, and I will not buy Adobe’s CS subscription.

Do you see a pattern forming here?
User experience and company fairness matters to me.

I also don’t like the adobe scheme… I don’t do much on photoshop so I bought elements, though it seems quite slow…

Look into as in increasing user experience.
Or in your case it seems more like a bug or
a error in design.
I don’t use desktop, but use two laptops so I’d hate to be travevelling to another country only to not able to save something.
If it doesn’t ask… user wouldn’t know which has the license…

I hope this is a transition period issue and will be sorted out soon.

Many have questions about V5 and V6 license co-existance so, probably as V6 sells more, more of there issues will come out as evidence.

While ago I had problem of not being able to do things offline and I had to thethering on my phone to get the license…

I know many users are now going away from the companies that force you to ‘subscribe’ to their products, whatever the software. Its another reason I like Rhino, buy it, you own it :slight_smile:
To add to the Adobe/Photoshop part of this thread, I believe that a lot of users who only do a limited amount of photo editing have been using a package from Affinity, apparently its a great alternative, for less than £100, you buy it, and own it :slight_smile:

There is no problem in doing this. Just answer yes.

If you are “reverse engineering something somewhere” and Rhino is running, the license is in use. You cannot use it elsewhere. If you were used to running one license of Rhino simultaneously on two machines (which V5 let you do under certain conditions, even if it did not conform to the EULA), you will need to get un-used to it… or buy an additional license.


Helvetosaur, I did NOT state that I ever intended to user more than one copy of Rhino at once!
Gee, I don’t think I felt I needed to use an exclamation point on this forum : (

I, as a user want to be able to close Rhino (with an internet connection), shut down my desktop computer, grab my notebook computer and mouse, and go.

So, far V6’s license manager has been problematic, and not a feature at all. Case in point: I had to change my default browser from Firefox to MS Edge to complete the validation process, on my desktop.

[In life, I find my friends will tell me hard things to hear, while my acquaintances will let me walk around with my top inside out.]

So where’s the problem? You can do exactly that. Just click the response box “yes” when you boot up your laptop and fire up Rhino. Is that a major handicap?

Well, I haven’t see anyone else reporting that so far, and I personally use FF for pretty much everything here. I have never opened Edge. There have been a few validation glitches under the new system, but as a reseller I can also tell you that there were plenty under the old system as well…

That being said, @brian maybe there can be a checkbox somewhere in the cloud license manager that says “don’t remind me about license transfer anymore”, the user could check the box after having read the warning that it is now their own personal responsibility, and thus not get the nag screen anymore. And if they have something in progress on one machine and they fire up Rhino on a second machine, that it will just automatically quit on the first machine and whatever work might be lost, well, they signed off on it…

Helvetosaur, when I was talking to someone at McNeel this week, I mentioned that the Rhino 3D had one of the best, most helpful, and kindest forums I have seen.

I implore you to rise to the occasion.

I realized that we are are in different countries, and English might not even be your native language, and also communication is a two way, Channel, Message, Sender, Receiver, kind of thing, but when I have to remind someone that I am NOT doing something dishonest, then there is a problem.

It is. I understand what you are writing perfectly well.

I am not accusing anyone of being dishonest. I simply stated that IF someone has the habit of simultaneously running two instances of Rhino on two different machines with one license - which V5 allowed quite easily, so many people took it for granted - that they would now need to change that particular habit.

I have done nothing wrong; do not attempt to use me to set your example. Grind your axe elsewhere!

Hi Brenda - I don’t see anything but helpful info from Helvetosaur … if you are concerned that it’s suggested that you’re trying to cheat on the license, I think you can be assured that is not the case. It’s just different than it was - you’re welcome to be cross about that, no one is offended, and we try to make things better, but I really don’t think any of the feedback here should be making you quite this cross with the posters.




I apologize if I have somehow offended you, again, the post was a general comment about the situation and not aimed specifically at you. However it does appear that you are reading far more into my use of the English language than is really there in this case.

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Pascal, I am sorry, but this is not the first time I’ve had problems with Helvetosaur. I realize that he is a re-seller, but I find this offensive.

“…If you were used to running one license of Rhino simultaneously on two machines (which V5 let you do under certain conditions, even if it did not conform to the EULA), you will need to get un-used to it… or buy an additional license…”

Otherwise, I have found the Rhino online community by in large one of the best I seen. Helvetosaur, I am sorry but I do not find the nature of your help helpful, at present, and it is my hope that that changes.

No problem, I won’t provide any more.


There’s actually a case we think we can solve on the server side that looks like this:

  1. A user adds a license to their personal team
  2. The user logs in to two computers
  3. Start Rhino on first computer, run for a while, then close it
  4. Start Rhino on second computer, run for a while, then close it
  5. Repeat 3 and 4

Each time the user starts Rhino it asks them if they want to keep using it. The Cloud Zoo should just silently let them. I think this is what Brenda is experiencing.

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