About license on one or more computer

Hi you all,
I have read the latest newsletter and I have a doubt about the use of the license.
I have Rhino 6, educational version.

Since the license is connected to a single account, can I transfer it momentarily in another computer by logging me? It would be always me, I won’t use 2 rhino at the same time.
Example: my license is on my desktop computer. I am in vacation and I start to use a laptop. I log there, when I finish and I come back to home, I use it on my desktop computer again.

I didn’t understand if you meant this with your latest update.

Thank you in advance

If your single user license is in the Cloud Zoo Personal licenses associated with your Rhino Login account; and your license is, then you can install Rhino V6, Windows and Mac on the computers you use. Then when you run Rhino, choose the Login option and provide your Rhino login account credentials (if asked). You will probably be asked, “Do you want to you your licenses here?”. Answer Yes.
This shifts the license to your current computer.
Since the license is in your Personal licenses, we allow you to move it to another computer as you can’t be at two different computers at the same time.

This is the whole reason for the Cloud Zoo. It allows you to take turns using a single computer license on multiple computers.

Does that make more sense now?

Here is a link to a page in a license choosing Wizard I put together that will explain your options:

thank you very much!!!
ok I logged in the McNeel website. I am in cloud Zoo! :slight_smile:

It says: Max No. of Seats 1.
Can I download it in the laptop anyway?

Thank you :wink:

Max number of seats=1 means you can only use one machine at a time. That is to say you can use the license on any of your machines, but you cannot have Rhino running on more than one simultaneously.

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that’s perfect, thank you! So happy!