Rhino 6 BETA license on two computers?

Dear McNeelers.

I was wondering if the same rules apply to installing R6-WIP as Rhino 5, i.e. can I install it with the same license key on both my laptop and desktop computers.



The EULA for V6 is not fundamentally different than V5.
One single-use license lets you run Rhino on one computer.
For practical purposes, that means if both computers are in use at the same time, you need to be using the Zoo floating license manager to stay compliant.
If one computer is at work and the other at home, then you don’t need the Zoo since you, the Rhino user, can’t be both places at the same time.

Is that clear?

Thank you, crystal clear. Just as I interpreted it.


I’m trying to install the R6 BETA on both of my computers, but it’s telling me my license is already in use on one machine, and I can’t use it on another. I’ve never had this problem before. Perhaps this isn’t related, but is there a way to fix it? I’d really rather not be stuck using Rhino exclusively on my 4 year-old laptop…

You have to use the Cloud Zoo to do that.

Return your stand-alone License Validation:

  1. Start Rhino
  2. In Tools Pulldown > Options > Licenses, click “Change your license”
  3. Click “Remove License” on the bottom left of the dialog

Add your license to the Cloud Zoo using your Rhino Account:

  1. Click “Login as [your name]”
  2. You’ll be told you don’t have any personal licenses.
  3. Click on “Add a license”
  4. Your Internet Browser will start and and a Web page will open with instructions
  5. Click “Go to the Add License page”
  6. Select “Rhino 6 for Windows” for the license type dropdown.
  7. Enter your Rhino 6 license key and click “Add License”

Start Rhino using your Rhino Account:

  1. Back on the Licensing dialog, click “Try Again”
  2. Rhino will start using your license from Rhino Accounts
  3. Use Rhino from another computer
  4. Start Rhino on another computer
  5. Login to your Rhino account

That worked! Thank you! I thought I had enabled the Rhino account when I installed it on my laptop, but I guess not.

Thanks again!