Printing to PDF issues

We are experiencing shift issues when printing to the Rhino PDF printer.
Often stuff ON the layout is misaligned with the detail, as the detail is often shifted to the left and up.
Strange stuff, and not easy to reproduce, but it happens on many projects.

SaveAs as PDF when in Layout.
Issue: Locked objects are not printed… so we have to be careful to check that nothing is locked in 3D too, not only on the detail.
And if we accidentally have the PDF open in Acrobat and try to save over it, then it just fails.

Hi Jorgen - is there any consistency at all, like, is it text or dimensions that are misaligned, or curves as well? Does it matter if you print vector or raster, as far as this problem goes?


I recalled I once managed to fix this, and tested now and this worked:

In the print dialog I have “Layout” as default, so clicking “Extents” and then back to “Layout” makes it print OK. I’ll keep this in mind when this occurs again. Maybe it can lead to a final fix for this, that would be a burden off my back :slight_smile:

The usual problem is that stuff on the layout is misaligned, also the “frame” of the detail, but not the detail content I think… I usually sees this and just saveas instead and head on to delivering the file. Always on a deadline, so no time to reflect too much, and mostly swearing a bit instead of bugtracking… I’ll try to do better!

(like now, it’s 23:40 and getting I’m ready for tomorrow morning, but I have a beer and some soothing music, so I’m good :wink: )

Thanks… if you have steps to reproduce, that would of course be helpful. I’ll see if I can make it happen in the meantime - hopefully the problem is severe enough that even I will be able to see it…
Have a good beer, I mean, night.

@Holo - is this the sort of alignment problem we are looking for? If so, I got it…


Yeah, well, that’s the problem, I don’t see it on small projects :expressionless: So it comes and goes.
If I run across it again I’ll send you a file!

Hm… yeah, but there the paper size seems to be off too…
Try to hit Print, click “Extents” and then back to “Layout” immediately and see if that does anything.
And I usually don’t see it in the print preview, only in the final PDF, which makes it problematic as we (read other half of us :wink: ) sometimes (more than me :smiley: ) has shipped the PDF, blindly trusting the preview.

OK, thanks, I’ll fuss with it.


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Screenshot 2022-09-27 200036
Screenshot 2022-09-27 200035

I have the same problem as well. It happened to me only on heavier files when there is too many clipping planes and sheets set up. As you can see, the yellow is the vector lines and hatches I drew over the detail viewport on layout space. Everything aligns before printing with Rhino PDF of course but the PDF shows the detail is off. I tried @Holo method by clicking “Extents” and “Layout” but it doesn’t work.

I have two machines and this only happens to my laptop, not my desktop. Both Rhinos 7 are up-to-date. @pascal what do you think causes this? This is more than annoying bc the drawing is not readable (sadly non of the dims and leaders are pointing at the right place)


Have you tried using “Save As” when in Layout and choose PDF as file format?
For some reason that works here when viewports doesn’t align when printing.

Hi @Holo “Save As” worked! Also, I found another workaround is to use custom paper size. Set 36x48 instead of choosing Arch E paper size from the drop down menu.


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@pascal can you test this out? Maybe this is the reason for the strange print misalignment.

I got an even worse that usual PDF print miss alignment today:

@steve I send the file to you.

Selecting stuff on the layout and export to PDF works.

Here’s the result of that:

Here is the Script I wrote now to handle PDF printing of Layouts by exporting the objects.
It uses the Rhino document path as default location and the layout name as default pdf file name.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import System

view = rs.CurrentView()
if rs.IsLayout(view):
    objs = rs.VisibleObjects()
    if not objs:
        print "No visible objects"
        path = rs.DocumentPath()
        ### if file is not saved it uses the default path as starting point
        layoutName = rs.ViewTitle(view)
        saveFileName = rs.SaveFileName("PDF Layout export", "PDF files (*.pdf)|*.pdf||",path, view)
        if saveFileName:
            print saveFileName
            rs.Command("!_-Export _Pause "+chr(34)+str(saveFileName)+chr(34)+ " _Enter _Enter", False)
            print "No saveFileName selected"