PDF draw order bug still

Hi guys,
this is getting tiresome…

There are still draw order bugs in PDF printing and it is really frustrating to never be able to trust neither the viewport nor the “WYSIWYG” preview of the print dialog.

Have you done some changes lately?

Notice that all the 2D trees and and bushes are gone in the preview (and also in the print)

Hi guys, we are having difficulties on multiple machines and on multiple files, but there are little response on this from both users and developers, so I wonder if we are either the only ones experiencing this or the only ones using this a lot… Any ideas?

It is really frustrating to always having to double check every pdf, and we basically have to print all drawings to PDF prior to plotting since we can not trust Rhino’s previews when printing to printers.

Have you tried pdfcreator?
You can also print to jpg, and use an image viewer like Irfan View to print to pdf…

Hi JoergH,

Do you have success with printing to pdfcreator when the other printeroptions fail? If not then I won’t bloat the machine with extra software.

But I presume it will have the same issues since printing to both Rhinos PDF and to the physical printers have the draw order issues.

Then it might have nothing to do with printing to pdf…
I would try to print to jpg or bmp and use Irfan View to print to pdf.

What kind of objects are your trees?

You are right, printing to image (jpeg) shows the correct version, so it might be using the same order as viewcapturetofile AND the little preview is right too…
The moment I switch to RhinoPDF, AdobePDF or any physical printer then the preview alters too. (But it is not the same as the printed result though…)

Here I even discarded all draworder data to see if that affected something and as you can see SOME of the bushes are drawn on top. (they are on the same Z-height and are blocks made in this file, not referenced and not “old”)


And what happens if you explode the blocks?

Or if you move the blocks a bit up in Z ?

@stevebaer can you please help out with getting this back on the table?
It is killing me that I always have to inspect every single file and element in an exported PDF…
And I really mean that you guys can not let this pass for V6, it is a crucial part of our production and waiting a few years for it to be fixed in V7 would be devastating.

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Just today i saw this interesting topic:

I think that is related to what you see and also shows that even the simplest examples can produce undesired behaviour in printing.

Also +1 on your complaint @Holo, i also think that the printing to pdf is still way to unreliable as many users have mentioned already

I haven’t given up on this issue for V6. If I can fix it without breaking other functionality, I will fix it.

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Good, I was getting worried.
Please shout when ever you need something, I will help you out any way possible, and as soon as possible.


The draw order functionalities are still very much incapable of outputting a drawing with lines in the proper display order. This has been very frustrating for many years. Will Rhino 7 fix this bug? Will there be an update for Rhino 6 that fixes it?

very best,

Can you please provide a simple sample file and the instructions to repeat the issue that illustrates the problem?

Without an example we have nothing to work on.


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Sorry, been too busy working these days, will try to remember this tomorrow. Have to make a 2D then and will see if that causes the same behavior now!