Layout / Detail bugs, print to pdf vs display mode Rhino view


So, I’ve been putting some more energy into this project recently to get it behind me for other things.

But since it’s basically related to all future things, I’m dealing with some ongoing bugs and crashes.

See the following:

Screenshot showing dimension lines that are hidden due to invisible shading

Compare above screenshot to the following print to pdf:
angle plate.pdf (169.7 KB)

Supplemental screenshot of pdf:

fortunately the pdf came out nicer than the layout views indicated in Rhino

Not sure if the disparity is related to dpi settings… It would be nice if Rhino could display the dimension lines better, considering there’s no shading that should hide them.

Display mode used in front, top, right views:
blue print style.ini (14.4 KB)

File I’m currently using, recovered from a couple crash dumps, due to detail view bugs during editing: (10.2 MB)

This file attached contains, basically, two components. I admit it’s still a bit messy, and I might segregate them better in the future.

My main focus right now is the angle bracket part, since I’ve already machined the other adapter part.

And primarily the issue I’m having is the display bugs hiding the dimension lines in the Rhino view, but not in the print to pdf; also, the bugs that are crash dumping my file when I’m trying to edit the details in layout. :beers:

Just wanted to share this with anyone it may concern. In the meantime, I’ll be moving forward with the print to pdf results I end up with, and send the various solids, lines/crvs/pnts to my CAM and CNC toolpath processes. :beers:

Yes my GD’s&T’s could be alot cleaner, but Rhino doesn’t make it easy. :sweat_smile: :money_mouth_face: Just noticed I forgot the pocket depth lol… :thinking:

Wish there were more symbols, like the one for ‘depth’… maybe I need more Rhino tricks n’ tips. I’m sure there’s a way to add them in there somehow. :sweat_smile:

Crashed Rhino a few more times just trying to add the ‘depth’ detail…

had to rotate the arrow edit point all tricky like, cause Rhino makes it all complicated :crazy_face:

Editing dimensions should be parametrically much easier.

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face: bbl.

just noticed the parallel line shadows not showing up in the print :sweat: