Strange Issue with Lines misaligned when using Rhino PDF

Essentially I have had this happen on a few occasions with completely different models (although all originating from the same template file it is true)
… For some situations when I print to ‘Rhino PDF’ the dimensions / curves in the layout window become ‘offset’ so that they no longer line up with the model beneath (i.e. the locked detail view)
this happens even though everything looks great in the preview.
The strange thing is that if I print the exact same document using ‘windows print to pdf’ driver the file prints fine…

Hi -
Please post a simple 3dm file that behaves like that and the result of the Rhino SystemInfo command.

can i send privately I’m under a NDA

Hi -

Then you can use Rhino - Upload to Support - make sure to mention the url of this thread in the comments field.

Done : Sent.