SaveAs PDF centers correctly on paper, but Print is slightly off, why?

Hi guys, we have a returning bug that causes Print of a Layout to place the stuff slightly off center on the “paper”, but if we use SaveAs PDF then all is good… Any idea why?

Hi Jorgen - I guess you mean Print to pdf vs Save As to pdf? I’ll see if I can reproduce…

I can’t… so there must be more to this- here’s my test.

Print_Save_PDF.3dm (37.3 KB) SaveAs.pdf (1.2 KB) Print.pdf (1.2 KB)

Does that test what you’re seeing?


Also you might check the printer margin settings maybe they are set to something odd by accident or the center setting got unchecked?

Thanks guys, I had to run from the office so I’ll check to morrow.
I checked all settings and could not find any thing that should cause this.

We have seen it on the latest SR’s on different files so I’ll send you a file Pascal so you can see if the same thing happens on your machine.


Ok, here’s what the dialog looks like:

All looks good.

And this is the typical offset in the final PDF: