Printing Sheets High Resolution Changes Lighting? Bug?

I am printing images using the same settings. When I use lower resolution like 100ppi the images print as expected, when changing to 200ppi or higher I get images with rendering problems.

Some items will be dark, some are correct, and some are split in half at weird places (half dark and half normal).

This error is reproducible and happens every time I try to increase the resolution and corrects when dropping/lowering the resolution.

See images attached - left is normal and lower res - right image is higher res.

Is this some type of memory issue? Please let me Know any thoughts on how to get print higher res images without the errors.


This tiling effect should be fixed in Rhino 6 - have you tried the WIP?

No I have not tried WIP. I will look in to what this is when I get time. Spent 4 hours looking for help on this original problem but no luck.

Thanks for providing info - I should have tried the forums sooner!


wim, can you help me understand the Rhino WIP?

Please let me know where I download this version and if I can run both the current Rhino Version 5 SR14 64-bit with WIP or does this replace the current version with the WIP version?

Can the WIP be uninstalled or rolled back to current if it replaces the v5?

I was hoping this would be fixed in the newer versions but it seems to still be an issue when printing any images above screen (72 dpi).


The WIP can be installed along with Rhino v5. You don’t have to uninstall Rhino v5.