Couple of Issues with Latest WIP

The latest WIP (6.0.17269.9391, 9/26/2017) here is almost unusable. After about half an hour of work mouse panning and rotating is affected in either only zooming or only panning. Reboot is the only solution so far otherwise the entire computer becomes unstable.
Happened 4 time today already. I’m giving up and am going back to V5.

Also this WIP cannot printing to file Arctic view. I had my resolution set to Custom and 400 dpi which caused rhino to run print to file for several minutes and eventually freeze. Every single time I tried. Printing Display/Web Graphics with dpi set to standard 72 works fine.


Hi Darius,

Can you run the SystemInfo command and paste the results into a reply?

– Dale

@dale, he already did here: Keeping Up Appearances

So the latest WIP (6.0.17283.9031, 10/10/2017 ) prints to file:
Wireframe, Shaded, Ghosted, X-Ray, Technical and Pen it takes 1-2 sec to save the image.
Rendered, Arctic and Artistic take about 60-90 seconds to print to file one image.
Cycles crashes every single time. 3 attempts 3 crashes. Dump file attached.

Just like before I’m trying to print to file with resolution set to custom and 400 dpi.


RhinoCrashDump.3dm (431.8 KB)

Raytraced indeed crashes when printing. It is on our list: RH-41970

A minor follow up. Yesterday I had to create about 20 rendered images for assembly instructions. After printing to file 9 screen shots, each save taking around 60 seconds, WIP crashed. When I restarted and continue WIP crashed again after saving next 5 images. In both cases no crash dump was created.


Was this with Rhino Render? Does this happen also with snapshots in a simple scene? I.e. box.

No this was print to file Rendered Viewport. Saving time, in my experience, has nothing to do with how complex geometry is. So huge model or single box, it takes at least 60 second to save.



Are you printing to some high resolution? High DPI setting?

@AdamBBLee The print is slow because of the high DPI combined with skylight shadows. How large (in pixels) is the final print?

Yes, please see my first message: resolution set to custom and 400 dpi.
Final image by Pixels is 3307x4677



For me this takes around 15 seconds.

In order to create such large images we have to split up the viewport into several rectangles. Each rectangle is rendered separately, and then stitched together.

When the skylight shadows are enabled we need to increase the size of each rectangle significantly, otherwise it would look really bad when stitching everything together into a final image.

Having said that, I can take a look sometime this week whether this can be improved in any way.

Thanks David.

I use large format so than I can resize it later on in post processing software thus creating, very eye pleasing imagery. Main advantage being it can be easily produced and gets very positive feedback from clients without me going into time consuming fancy renderings which I am not good at…

And I really enjoy your new Rendered and Arctic displays. Always wanted to have something like this in rhino. Crashes aside, saving time of 60 sec is fine with me.



That looks very nice.

This issue has been fixed. The next WIP will have the fix. Thanks.

RH-41970 is fixed in the latest BETA

Great news. Thank you Development team. Just couple of days ago I was procuring new images for another assembly instruction and Rhino managed 15 images printed to file in a raw before crashing. After reboot it took only two images to crash again. Fortunately by that time I was done having printed all the images I needed…


Did you report the crashes using the crash reporter?

I told them about it but since these crashes produce no dump file I couldn’t send anything.
Looking forward to see how the new WIP is handling it…


Current Beta I have (6.0.17332.10241, 11/28/2017), again crashes when printing to file rendered viewport with resolution set to Custom and 400 dpi.
After 3 attempts, each one ending in message Rhino Stopped Working, for some reason my forth attempt finally succeeded…