Printing PDF Rhino 7 v Rhino 6

Hi all,
I have a process where we are outputting pdf’s from Rhino. We recently switched from Rhino 6 over to Rhino 7. I have imported my display settings, but I am unable to get the PDF to look anywhere like the same as it was. It looks really washed out. Strange thing is though that the print preview in the print window looks good, its just the final product.

I’ve attached a sample of what I am talking about. 2 pdf’s one from 6 one from 7, and I have included two models, and the display settings used.

Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe there are other settings somewhere else other than display settings at play here?
Thanks, Josh

displayTestR6.3dm (244.7 KB) displayTestR7.3dm (244.7 KB) Rhino 6 test.pdf (1.0 MB) Rhino 7 test.pdf (583.9 KB) TestDisplay.ini (13.2 KB) Thanks, Josh

It seems playing around with my Line Weights has made a substantial difference. Probably enough. Although the surface colours are still not as vivid, so if anyone has any good ideas there they would be welcomed. :slight_smile:

Hi Josh - here is what I get,
displayTestR6Vector.pdf (305.4 KB) displayTestR6Raster.pdf (426.3 KB)

(I printed your V6 file from V7)


@pascal Looks like the test pdf’s you sent were a check of raster v vector rather than R6 v R7? Maybe you have attached the wrong files? Or are they named wrong?

Thanks for looking at this.

I’ve just re read what you have said, and I think I misunderstood in my post above. You are showing me the difference between vector and raster, but the model you have opened is the R6 one in R7? Yes raster looks much more clear with the greys, and yes perhaps it is all just down to printer set up.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Josh - yeah, it looked like maybe the difference was raster/vector, that you see, and not V6/V7… something to check anyway.


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Hi @pascal and @JoshD

looks like Rhino 7 display is still washed out, both on screen than on raster/vector PDF.
Please have a look at attached sample files below.

I just opened a v6 design file from last year to update some parts to find out that PDF was displaying differently.

On my layouts some custom display modes are employed which I enclosed below.
Also, look like Rhino v8 gives an output similar to v6, apart from backplane objects disappearing from Vector PDF

Is this caused by some settings inside *ini files rather than some Rhino preference?


Conceptual.ini (11.6 KB)
Illustr No Edges.ini (11.4 KB)
Illustr No Edges_Trasp25.ini (11.5 KB)
Illustr No Edges_Trasp50.ini (11.5 KB)
Illustr No Edges_Trasp75.ini (11.5 KB)
PDF Print Layout test_v6.3dm (812.1 KB)
PDF Print Layout test_v6_Raster.pdf (1.0 MB)
PDF Print Layout test_v6_Vector.pdf (760.3 KB)
PDF Print Layout test_v7.3dm (807.4 KB)
PDF Print Layout test_v7_Raster.pdf (570.1 KB)
PDF Print Layout test_v7_Vector.pdf (397.2 KB)
PDF Print Layout test_v8.3dm (796.5 KB)
PDF Print Layout test_v8_Raster.pdf (1008.0 KB)
PDF Print Layout test_v8_Vector.pdf (726.6 KB)

Simple Bright.ini (10.5 KB)

Hi Luca -

This is a known issue (RH-65169) and I’ve added this thread to the comments in that report.

Thank you

Hi @wim
look like this has been resolved with latest
Version 7 SR11
(7.11.21257.7001, 2021-09-14)

Thanks for that feedback, Luca. RH-65169 is still open but I suppose something else has been changed with a positive effect on this issue.

cool, lets wait for a feedback from @CCBB which was experiencing this as well. Is there a post where updates/fixes about Rhino releases are found?

Hi Luca -

Yes, the changes in 7.11 RC 1 are documented here:


I show as having the latest SR. I adjusted the transparency and surface edge settings in display options and things are looking good now. So hopefully next SR doesn’t make it worse.
I have SR9.
My Sys info:
Rhino 7 SR9 2021-8-10 (Rhino 7, 7.9.21222.15001, Git hash:master @ 190335c3fb65efe86c302714a8959a7dadfe667b)
License type: Commercial, build 2021-08-10
License details: Cloud Zoo

RH-65169 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 11 Release Candidate