Printing issue. Rhino 6 Vector selection

I’m trying to print my file from Rhino PDF with a vector selection and when I do so it produces a PDF with a black square in the upper left hand corner and nothing else. However when I print the same layout w Raster selected it prints fine. Any thoughts?
(I tried both Rhino PDF and Adobe PDF and got the same result)

Another odd thing is that this problem is only happening on some of the layouts, not all of them. The rest of the layouts print normally even those they are all contained in the same file.

Hello - please post the file or send to, (along with a link back to this topic in your comments, please)
Please also run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results.


Thanks, Tammi for updating us that the black square issue was related to your PDF reader, not the Rhino print format.

I used PDF viewers Adobe, Foxit and Microsoft Edge with any issues.

Mary Ann Fugier