Vector Output Print Issue

Hi All,
In the last version (6.0.17304.10081, 10/31/2017) I found that some elements change position when you choose vector as output. With the same exact file before updating I didn’t have this problem.
Using print preview mode everything looks fine, it’s just at the moment you want to print as pdf.
Any idea of how to prevent this?

Hi Laborda,
Can you tell us, what printer do you select? The PDF from Rhino or another PDF writer?
And you use Vector output? Does it happen with Raster?
Would you post this file for us to test? It is possibly a bug that I will need to get logged.

Thanks again for letting us know about this issue.
Mary Ann Fugier

Hi Mary,
Please try opening the image uploaded, it shows how it looks if you choose raster and how it looks in viewport.
The issues is the same with the integrated pdf printer and with my acrobat too.
I can’t share this file now, let me know if you can repeat my issue without it.
I tried saving the same file as v5 and in Rhino 5 I have no problems.