Printing is not work?

Hi, when I tried to export/print my view from viewport, both my view and preview window do show my object in pen style. However when I actually export/print the view, it appears blank sheet to me. Does anyone know why is this happening?

The view is working in the work flow and preview session.

But then it turns like this in PDF/printing.

  1. Could you post an example?
  2. Does the print have to be in Pen mode?

On my system at least, PDFs of pen mode are problematic. They tend to be faded for raster output and vector output shows the hidden lines.

The example is like what I posted in question. When preview shows building but the exporting PDF is blank like the third pic.

I export it in pen mode because I want to add texture in photoshop. Pen mode works the best comparing to the other types of render (because I want to work in an illustration style of render)

I didn’t realize that pen mode is problematic. But I can see it now. Sometimes it shows and sometimes it fades away. I thought it might be line thickness been too thin so pen mode can’t be shown in PDF. But even when I changed the thickness it won’t work as well. So I don’t really know what’s going on here.